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South Finals 2020


Year 7 to Year 9 

1st Place: Asma  – Wycombe High School

A beautiful presentation, clear and concise. A refined and edited body of research with comprehensive analysis of the 20's and Chanel. Design drawings are skilled and detailed with informative descriptions.  

2nd Place: Ottilie  – Kent College, Pembury

A socially, environmentally and politically aware project.  Acknowledging the global communities feelings through creative diversity.  A study of the times created with sensitivity and passion.  

3rd Place: Alice Badden – St Albans High School for Girls

Very beautiful drawing skills with a comprehensive study in design 

Highly commended:       


  • Kaavya  - Tonbridge Grammar School        
  • Millie  - Kent College, Pembury      
  • Becky  - Wycombe High School         
  • Gabriella - Tonbridge Grammar School         
  • Kiran - Wycombe High School         
  • Emilia  - Tonbridge Grammar School         
  • Ruby-Mae  - Ferndale Community School RCT South Wales       
  • Yen - Stockport Academy       
  • Gabriella  - Davison High School         
  • Olivia - Presdales School


1st Place: Zoe – Dame Alice Owens School

Incredible presentation with such in-depth and sophisticated research sources. Gender exploration is so important in creative expression. The colour palette is harmonious and timeless.  Designs are so advanced and technically industry ready.  

2nd Place: Emilia  – Cranbrook, Kent

Advanced layout and design development. Engaging and exciting. A beautiful modern colour palette with strong textural and print exploration. Drawings and designs are unique and full of personality. Ensuring this level of identity is so important within the industry. 

3rd Place: Anna  – Ysgol Maes y Gwendraeth

A strong and bold aesthetic. A clear design direction. Designs are beautifully conveyed and feel very in line with industry standards. Love the notations and colour explorations, it feels considered and inviting

Highly Commended:·        


  • Aimee– Kent College, Pembury·        
  • Connie – Wimbledon High School         
  • Catherine  – Broughton High School
  • Hannah – Tonbridge Grammar School           
  • Blessing – St Angela’s Ursuline School       
  • Charlotte – Gumley House School         
  • Ellie  – Wimbledon High School         
  • Libby  – Dartford Grammar School for Girls       
  • Tom  – Gordano School, Bristol       
  • Erin – Shire Oak Academy

A Level 

1st Place: Miles  – Dame Alice Owen’s School


An incredible awareness of subculture and street led art movements. This research is diverse but cohesive and so relevant. The presentation is slick, edited and cool. It feels advanced and industry ready. A socially aware project drawing upon past underground movements to create a modern capsule range. The designs are edited with a nod to their source of inspiration and would be considered relevant for so many industry brands. 

2nd Place: Georgia - Wellington College

A beautiful full body of research. A very sophisticated eye, drawing upon timeless design and silhouettes for inspiration. The approach to design is unique and full of texture. The balance of art and fashion makes this project timeless and cool.  

3rd Place: Lydia  – St Clement Danes School

A considered and comprehensive presentation. An opulent and historic body of research with attention to detail and print. Designs are drawn with such skill and passion.  

Highly Commended:         

Emma– Watford Grammar School for Girls

Special mention: Rich and diverse with intricate exploration of textural layering and surface techniques.  The colour palette is harmonious and sophisticated with attention to detail. ·        


  • Krystal– Kent College, Pembury       
  • Seren – Wellington College         
  • Mackenzie – Eastbourne College         
  • Katie – St Albans High School for Girls       
  • Ella – Belfairs Academy         
  • Mairu – Southwell Minster School
  • Cerys  – Ysgol Gyfun, Aberaeron         
  • Daisy  – Claremont Fan Court School         
  • Maddie  – St Catherines School         
  • Nell – St Clement Danes School 


1. Ottilie
2. Asma
3. Alice
4. Emilia
5. Anna
6. Zoe
7. Miles
8. Georgia
9. Lydia
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