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Thank you to the prize donors:


At FlatMannie™ we supply kits for cardboard body structures which can have countless applications. Available as male and female flat pack figures and made in England from recycled, unbleached cardboard these fun items have been designed to construct and to use in any way. FlatMannie™ is likely to appeal to anyone with an interest in clothes making, fashion design and sewing as well as to those with an interest in recycling, salvaging and re-purposing.There are 3 sizes each for the boy and for the girl styles and, whilst we don’t claim that their measurements relate directly to garment dress-forms, they are close to any full, half and quarter scale forms available on the market. Should you want to convert your model into a full-blown mannequin we have films here to show you how you can. We can also supply you with the template for a mannequin sheath should you want one*. You have the option to raise your model onto a stand and to see our recommendations for doing this watch our 8 minute film ‘Making a Dress Form’ in the full knowledge that extra items required for this are easily available from local suppliers, stores and shops at low cost. You may find you have most of what’s required to do this in your home already. So … what’s to stop you from having a successful go at pattern draping and fashion designing over your FlatMannie™ model if you want to…?!Patience and a delicate hand are needed when constructing your FlatMannie™ model as the card is only 1.5mm thick. It’s astonishing how strong and robust the figure becomes by the time it’s made but remember to go gently at the construction stage to avoid any damage that could be sustained to component parts as they’re being interlocked. www.flatmannie.co.uk 


"As founder of this competition in 2010, I am delighted to have been invited back to the South Regional final to be part of the judging team this year.  The students are as always, amazing, producing more and more innovative ideas each year and representing such maturity and tenacity in the realisation of their ideas.  The future of British fashion is safe if this generation is an example of what is to emerge in years to come.  All students and staff had worked exceptionally hard to achieve the standards submitted but those who have been selected for the final are very special and demonstrated exceptional talent.  I hope that taking part in this  competition gives finalists a unique experience to discuss designs with practicing textile specialists and maybe opens doors to future opportunities.  Wishing all competitors the very best for this year.  " Karen Wintle





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