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Young Fashion Designer UK

Welcome to Young Fashion Designer UK

Young Fashion Designer UK is an exciting national competition which has been established since 2010.  It focuses on enhancing the talent of Young Fashion Designers to showcase and promote the exceptional work achieved by GCSE,  A-Level, and students aged 11-14 studying textiles design, product design and fashion throughout the United Kingdom.

Stretching across the UK, the competition is hosted by centers in the South and Midlands who are each committed to providing a platform for young fashion designers.

If you are a student,  have a passion for fashion and are studying on any of the courses listed then this is the competition for you.

***  Examination Board Changes - Important Information***

Please note that we have sought advice from examination boards. It is in our best interest to keep all of the entries private and we will not publish any live work on the website or on social media until October this year.  We do hope that you will continue to enjoy the competition.


Midlands Region Finals - Saturday 22nd June 2019  

South Region Finals - Saturday 29th June 2019  

Click here for the list of finalists for 2019 


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