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Thank you to the prize donors:


At FlatMannieā„¢ we supply kits for cardboard body structures which can have countless applications. Available as male and female flat pack figures and made in England from recycled, unbleached cardboard these fun items have been designed to construct and to use in any way. FlatMannieā„¢ is likely to appeal to anyone with an interest in clothes making, fashion design and sewing as well as to those with an interest in recycling, salvaging and re-purposing. www.flatmannie.co.uk 


"Congratulations to all competitors for reaching this stage in the competition. You are all winners to have shown your talent to this high standard and to have been selected for the prestigious South Region finals. I know you will be supported today by your proud parents and very talented teachers andwill have worked hard in preparation for this competition.  I wish you the very best and hope that you find the experience of sharing your ideas with practicing professionals both rewarding and inspiring for the future.With very best wishes to you all," Karen Wintle





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