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Interested in being a judge for 2017?
Please contact the nearest YFD UK regional centre to enquire.  Please click for contact details for Kent College and RGS Worcester.

Judges South Centre 2017

Samantha Ball

Samantha holds a degree in Fine Art (BA Hons), and Events and Conference Management (MA). Whilst at university, Samantha utilised her time by getting involved and working in the team for Oxford Fashion Week as a Curator and Assistant Director allowing her to work with upcoming fashion designers, models and organisers in this industry. Since finishing her studies, she now lives and works in Central London for the company Merlin Entertainments Plc as a Hospitality, River and Pier Team Leader for the London Eye. This role requires Samantha to manage her team and working together so that the department can provide to a global audience the "premium experience", which includes the champagne experiences that are very popular to local and international customers. Some of these customers often include wedding ceremonies, and celebrity guests.

Samantha is an independent artist when she is not at work. Art is always something that she took an interest in, including whilst at Kent College Pembury. She produces a lot of architectural drawings whilst comes from the influence of living in Kent, Oxford and London - all of which share the similarity of having some remarkable buildings and sites. Returning back to Kent College to judge the Fashion Designer competition is a fantastic opportunity for her to see how the school has developed since her time there, particularly the art and textiles departments, where she would often spend her time.


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