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Finalists 2017

Congratulations to the Midlands Finalists 2017

Phoebe Abbott - Northampton High School
India Stoby - The Deepings School
Liberty Phillips - The Blue School, Wells
Jasmine Holliday - AMVC
Tabitha Lazenbury - Ribston Hall High School
Zehra Al Najjar - Northampton High School


Nicola Finch - Ribston Hall High School 
Holly Stanton - George Watson College, Edinburgh 
Vicky Toma - Arthur Village College.
Rebecca Reed - Arthur Mellows Village College
Emma Delaney - Bromsgrove School
Megan Gills - Dyson Perrins C of E
Georgia Peters - RGS Worcester
Mia Gibson - Tewkesbury School

Robert O'Hare - St Edward's College
Hannah Sykes - RGS Worcester
Issy Valerio - Arthur Mellows Village College
Emily Aitchison - The Blue School, wells
Henrietta Wylie - The Blue School, Wells
Sophie Willis - Stroud High School

Lucy Phillips - The Blue School
 Amelia Manley - Alderly Edge School for Girls
 Faye Markell - North Bromsgrove 

Tiffany Langford - Wolverhampton Girls school
Zehra Ebrahimi - Blue Coat Church of England Academy
Ruby Harvey - Southam College
Jessie Hutton - Thorp Academy
Pippa Newport - Stroud High School
Elle Mortimer - RGS

Jaya Kudhall - Southam College
 Anna Grigoris - RGS 
Gemma Collins - RGS
Siena Brennan - Chase Terrace Technology College
Ellie Glover - the Deepings School
Eve Murphy - Southam College
Imogen Morgan - The Deepings School
Leonor Zavala Platt - Cheltenham Bourneside
Ben Chavan - Sale Grammar School
Abigail Yates - Wolverhampton Girls School
India Ward - Netherthorpe School
Julia Paczkowiska - St Benedicts Catholic High
Amy Whittaker - Northampton High School
Savannah French - Uppingham School
Sophie Von Braun - Uppingham School.

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