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2015 Midlands Final

The first thing to capture your attention at this years’ event was the array of colour, skill and individuality showcased in each finalist display.

The students from nine different schools in the wider Midlands and North areas including students from Manchester, York and Northern Ireland, each put together a stunning display board to show their design and make process. From multi-wear pieces and festival fashion at GCSE and Conceptual wearable and knitting with zips at A2 the talent was at its highest level. 

Each student met two teams of judges who quizzed them on the more technical aspects of the work that had gone in to producing the final outcome. Our judging team included nine industry professionals from backgrounds in textile education, retail, PR, design and brand directing lead by judge Suzanne Lawson. From companies such as The Inkberrow Design Centre, Ralph Lauren and organisations such as Worcester University and The Midlands Fashion Awards each bought a wealth of experience to critic the finalist’s work. As part of the judging process, the judges talked to the students about future plans and work experience opportunities.

This year we have had the pleasure of working alongside TechSoft Textiles as Lead Sponsor for the YFDUK 2015 event. TechSoft Textiles Manager, Heidi Ambrose-Brown has helped to prompt the YFDUK competition through TechSoft Textiles, and on behalf of TechSoft Textiles she has given away six Brother Innov-is 35 sewing machines as First Prize to each of the winners at each level in each region; we are hugely grateful to Heidi and the team at TechSoft Textiles for the support that they have given in rewarding the talented students that have impressed each of us in the 2015 competition.

As part of the First Prize, Brenda Killigrew from The Inkberrow Design Centre has also awarded a week’s work experience for each of the winners to complete over the holidays. They will make a capsule collection to showcase at the Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch Show at The NEC and Excel next year. The three category winners will also exhibit their winning YFDUK piece at The Midlands Fashion Awards in October courtesy of MFA Director Jenny Eason.

We thank all of the students who entered the competition this year, we thank the finalists for making the event such a special occasion and we wish them all the very best for the next phase of their fashion education. 

YFDUK 2015 Midlands Region Winners:

A2 Level

First – Edita Kelsey, Tewkesbury School

Second – Chanel Joan Elkayam, King David High School, Manchester

Third – Holly Jackson, RGS Worcester

Special Award – Tara Dickson, Regent Grammar School

Runner Up – Tiffany Bradley, Ormiston Forge Academy

Runner Up – Marianne Hatchard, Huntington School, York 

AS Level

First – Edward Jones, RGS Worcester

Second – Rosie Caldwell, Chipping Norton School

Third – Lauren Broome, RGS Worcester

Special Award – Khai Ern Teoh, Cheltenham Ladies College

Runner Up – Danielle Lawson, RGS Worcester

Runner Up -  Maddie Elliott, RGS Worcester 


First – Francesca Morgan, RGS Worcester

Second – Anne-Marie Convery, Tewkesbury School

Third – Leah Matisse Boyle, Tewkesbury School

Special Award – Cecilia Hyde, The Chase School

Runner Up – Gabrielle Hardwick, The Chase School

Runner Up – Danielle Lewis, Tewkesbury School

Highly Commended



Paige McNeil - Christopher Whitehead Language College

Ellie Bullock - Christopher Whitehead Language College

Tamsin Eades - Christopher Whitehead Language College

Georgia Peters - Royal Grammar School Worcester

Imogen Clarke - The Chase School


Natasha Bratton - Royal Grammar School Worcester

Danielle Greening - Royal Grammar School Worcester

Phoebe Smallshaw - Tewkesbury School
Laura Moss - Tewkesbury School


Celia Hensman - Cheltenham Ladies College

Chloe Pilgrim - Chipping Sodbury
Katie Jones - Royal Grammar School Worcester



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